White Dress for all seasons

by - Sunday, February 10, 2013

There is nothing more classic or basic like a dress. I am sure you all will agree with me there. There are 3 dresses a gal should have in her wardrobe - A Little Black Dress (LBD), A Red Dress and a White dress.

One, because these three are the most versatile basics and can be dressed up for any occasion or season. Second, These are colors that look great on anyone and everyone and have their own significance. So when I say Red, don't you think of passion too?

I picked up this Onyx Nite white dress, because of its a perfect fit and white makes us all look so beautiful right?

Miranda Kerr in a White Dress. Pic Courtesy
Here are 3 ways you can dress up a white dress.

For Spring/Summer

Team up the White dress with a statement necklace, a bracelet and nude pumps. You could also go wild with the shoes if you like. I like the idea of wearing white with Turquoise but the perfect Turquoise shoes are still on my wish list so here I just picked up my nude pumps.

White Dress with Turquoise accessories, White dress, Turquoise Necklace, Turquoise heels

For Autumn,

Pair up the white dress with a Colorful Linen Jacket and Matching heels/Nude Pumps. You can wear a Pendant Necklace and a dainty bracelet with the outfit for a more formal look.

White dress for Autumn, White Dress, Colored Blazer, Green Pumps

For the Cold Winters

This should be an easy one. I like the idea of black and white, always have. So pair up the white dress with your favorite moto jacket, knee high black boots and a bead necklace and you are all set.

White dress for Winters, Monochrome, White & Black, White Dress, Leather Jacket, Boots

What do you think? Which is your favorite dress and how would you dress it up? I could have showed you how this looks when worn, but its zero degrees here and I was being lazy. Hope you like it!


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