Jabra Solemate - Add it to your Coachella Essentials List

by - Friday, April 04, 2014

With Coachella and Outdoor season just around the corner - Imagine, if you could take your music with you anywhere and everywhere and play it out loud. Then, Imagine you could do it all the wireless way. 

Meet Jabra Solemate - The go-anywhere, do-anything portable wireless speaker with massive Dolby® sound* that lets you share your music everywhere. Jabra Solemate™ puts massive Dolby® sound, portability and durability in a playfully designed wireless speaker that you can take anywhere.

Coachella Essentials 2014

So while you are busy packing away for that music festival you are attending or the spring break vacation you are planning, don't forget to add this speaker to your essentials list.

The chance to test these speakers could not have come at a better time. My baby girl loves music and with her starting to explore the world around her, any product which is wire free is a god-sent. Also, with picnic season almost here, this means that we get to carry her favorite music with us everywhere. 

Received in the Box

USB Cable
Durable Sound Bag
Built In Rechargeable Battery
Warranty card

Key Features

- Footwear inspired look. The rubber sole ensures the speakers won't shake at high volumes.
- Design is sleek and minimal
- Remarkable sound
- Omni directional and noise filtering built in microphone
- Can be used as a speakerphone to take calls
- Included sound bag helps keep moisture and dust out. 
- Bluetooth connectivity up to 33 feet away for tablets, computers, MP3 players, etc.
- Connects to almost all devices using Bluetooth, USB or 3.5mm audio cable
- Battery life of 8 hrs per charge


I highly recommend this speaker to anyone looking for a portable speaker with a powerful sound. The build and sound quality of this speaker are amazing. Solemate is a great combination of great design, features and great price.

Don't forget to add this speaker to you packing list for your upcoming getaways. You can buy it here for $150


Sponsored by JABRA. 
All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. Love your boho pretty festal choices, Id dive into those sweet dresses, the annals and fringed bag for a desert event. Wishing you a splendid weekend!

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  3. Love these festival inspired pieces! That red fringe bag is so fantastic! Great speaker too would be perfect for any event!


  4. I love the fringe bag

  5. I love the way you create posts! Thank you to share them with us!
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    You are my inspiration!

    I show 125 DIY Easter Ideas - maybe you will find there something for yourself? :-)

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