Your Guide to finding the Perfect Jumpsuit

by - Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jumpsuits and Rompers are the trend in 2014 and I recently wore a jumpsuit here. We have seen the one piece reinvented season after season and it is certainly a trend that's here to stay. With all the style and comfort that this piece has to offer, who wouldn't want to try this trend?

However, much like a perfect swimsuit, It is important to find a jumpsuit that will work for your body type. In today's post, I talk about the best jumpsuits for every body type. You can find out your body type here.

If your Body Type is Hourglass

An hourglass figure is characterized by balanced bust and hip measurements and a well-defined waist.

- For the perfect hourglass figure, Belted and Form-fitting jumpsuit styles are flattering.

- Since the biggest strength of this body type are its balanced proportions, avoid too much detailing in the bust or hip area when picking a jumpsuit. A jumpsuit in a uniform color or pattern works best for this body type.
- If you have a fuller bust, opt for halter tops.
- To balance out the hips, look for one with shoulder details and tapered legs.

If your Body Type is Pear

A Pear shape is characterized by a larger hip measurement than bust measurement, often with a less defined waist.

- If you have a pear body type, steer clear from form fitting jumpsuits since these tend to highlight the problem areas.
- To draw attention away from the bottom half, wear a jumpsuit with a deep V neck that will draw eyes upward.
- A jumpsuit with a bandeau also works well for this figure by giving the illusion of more width in the bust area and a halter style makes the shoulders appear wider. 
- Opt for a wide legged style jumpsuit  which is belted to accentuate the waist.
- The Pear body type should avoid shorter lengths and pin stripe jumpsuits.

Jumpsuits Pear Body Type

If your Body Type is Triangle 

This body type is a variation on the pear shape but also includes narrow shoulders.

- A wide/square neckline or a neckline with wide straps also helps in taking away attention from the lower half. 
- Details such as ruching at the bust line help draw attention to the top half. 
- Avoid detailing such as embellishments or horizontal lines near the hip area.

Jumpsuits Triangle body type

If your Body Type is Rectangle

A Rectangle shape is characterized by a Balanced bust and hips with little or no waist definition. 

- People with the rectangle body type should choose styles that will help define your waistline 
- Tops with wide straps give the illusion of broad shoulders and a waistline. 
- To create an hourglass shape, choose jumpsuits with detailing around the waist. 
- Choose jumpsuit with ruffles to give an illusion of a curvaceous figure 
- For waist definition add a narrow or medium size belt – either at your waist, under your bust or around your hips.

Jumpsuits Rectangle Body type

If your Body Type is Apple

An Apple shape is characterized by Little waist definition, a rounded stomach that's either high or low on your frame, heavy thighs or wide hips (sometimes called saddlebags) and perhaps a pronounced bottom.

-  Two toned jumpsuits where the color of the top is darker than at the bottom are flattering for this body type.
- Avoid big prints or horizontal prints on the torso.Go in for shorter lengths so as to bring your attention to your legs.
- Jumpsuits with wide necks are flattering and balancing for this body type
- Halter necks tend to lengthen your torso while horizontal stripes draw attention to the waist - Steer clear of these styles.

Jumpsuits Apple body type

If your Body Type is Inverted Triangle

An inverted triangular shape is smaller in the hips than through the bust and, usually, have a nicely defined waistline. Your body can also give the impression of an inverted triangle if you have narrow hips and broad shoulders. 

 - Mix and match jumpsuits with a top in a solid color and a bottom with a print or a pattern. This helps emphasize the lower half of the body while balancing the top. 
- Halter tops are great for this body type since they offer support and flatter narrow shoulders
- For balancing the bust with the hips, choose a jumpsuit with detailing at/ around the bottom.

Additionally ff you are petite, opt for preferably longer length jumpsuits and team your outfits with heels. Vertical stripes work well by adding height to your petite frame. Cinching the jumpsuit by adding a belt little lower than your natural waist tends to add height.

Jumpsuits Inverted Triangle shape

What's your body type and which of these jumpsuits will you wear? 

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