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The Blog

"Mosaic & Lights" covers topics featuring advice on fashion, lifestyle, and career. Since the inception of Mosaic & Lights, we have been creating original content that is shared across the web, social media and through newsletters. The intent of this blog is to help the reader incorporate trends into their day-to-day lives and make it practicable and approachable for everyone. 

This blog was started to help the readers seamlessly weave fashion into their day-to-day lives and give the advice to translate runway trends into wardrobe staples. It has slowly evolved to become a place to share advice on fashion trends, home decor, career advancement, and making your way through life, in general. At Mosaic & Lights, you will find tips and visual aids to attain this goal and you will also find information on the latest fashion trends and what's next in the world of digital marketing.

Several renowned brands such as Zappos, Jabra, Ettika etc. have collaborated with us in the last year - more on this here

Disclaimer: "Mosaic & Lights" contains advertising and affiliate marketing links which means I may receive a commission on sales of products I link to in my posts, sidebar, or footer. If you follow a link & purchase from an affiliate site, I may make a commission from that purchase. I occasionally receive free merchandise in exchange for wearing or reviewing it on my blog; when this happens, I will state it is “c/o”(courtesy of), and will often provide an honest review in my words upon first wearing. All opinions are my own; I host sponsored content on this site and will always be honest with you.


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